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Back pain traction therapy is used both to prevent injury (usually for people whose occupations involve long periods of sitting), and as a treatment for injury or condition. Traction therapy has had a great deal of success treating sciatica, chronic back pain, degenerative disc disease, or herniated discs. It is a type of decompression therapy, intended to stretch the spine and back, decompressing the joints, and infusing them with the necessary fluid for good spinal health. Back traction devices that are found in chiropractic clinics or complementary healthcare centers are far too expensive an investment for home use. However, there are devices that you can purchase that range in price from $40 to $1300, each with different results.
Inversion machines
Inversion machines look like a stretcher that is turned upside down. They use the force of gravity to reduce the pressure on the spine.
Exercise balls can be used in this manner by allowing the user to invert the top portion of the body and curve the spine in a way that it does not normally curve, thus stretching the disks.
Handheld devices
You may have seen the Lo-Bak TRAX on QVC. This smaller traction device uses leg muscles and gravity. It is not intended for people with major back pain but can relieve some of the stress of sitting.
The DETENSOR® mat was designed specifically to widen invertebral spaces by stretching the spine. Not only does this allow for fluid to flow into the disks, but also relieve pressure placed on nerve roots.

We seek to constantly approve our product based on new information and customer reviews. Our current clients have encouraged us to continue our mission of promoting good back health.

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